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Our GIS consultants have the breadth and depth of experience to make your GIS project a success. We provide leading GIS expertise, data management and specialist technical skills. We deliver innovative, practical and cost effective solutions for your projects.

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About Us Equinox GEO

Theresa Fingler
UVIC (2009), EDINBURGH (2012)

Theresa has worked as a GIS consultant for the past 8 years on various projects which include election mapping, traditional land use (TLU) studies, and emergency management for universities, municipalities and First Nation communities in British Columbia, Alberta and the UK.
Theresa completed a BSc from the University of Victoria in Geography (2009) and has a MSc in Geographic Information Sciences from the University of Edinburgh (2012). Her research looked at multi-objective reserve design using MARXAN analysis for protected area conservation in savanna ecosystems in Belize, Central America. Prior to forming Equinox Geographics, Theresa was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy for 12 years in the Regular and Reserve force. Theresa is originally from Manitoba and is a member of the Roseau River First Nation.

Our Vision

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Equinox Geographics
Equinox Geographics
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About Us Mission

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Our Core Values

Team work

Focus on achieving common goals and share challenges and celebrate success, Communicate openly and collaborate effectively.


Take ownership and hold ourselves accountable, Do what we say we will do and empower each other.


Act with courage and look for innovative solutions, Challenge conventions and foster ‘out of the box’ thinking.


Our team behave with respect and have pride in our delivery, We are honest, transparent and fair in our dealings.


We aim for excellence and create a fun environment, We are aspirational, optimistic, focused and engaged.

Client Focus

Listen to understand our clients’ needs and deliver exceptional outcomes, Have an adaptive approach and reliable.